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If you are looking for the economical way to promote your event then posters are the best option. You can stick them on walls both indoor and outdoors. Stick it outside the place where your target customers visit and promote your event. Its also ideal to showcase your products inside your office premises or outside.

At a Glance

Economical promotional means

Promote your event and products

Ideal for pictures

Print your desired text and artworks

Paper Quality: 150 gsm Stock

Economic Poster

Paper Option
Price per pc (including GST)
A0 Economic
841mm x 1189mm (150 gsm)

A1 Economic

594mm x 841mm (150 gsm)


A2 Economic

420mm x 297mm (150 gsm)


A3 Economic

210mm x 287mm (150 gsm)


A4 Economic

210mm x 297mm (150 gsm)


Premium Poster

Paper Option
Price per pc (including GST)
A0 Premium

841mm x 1189mm (150 gsm Gloss Coated)


A1 Premium

594mm x 841mm (150 gsm Gloss Coated)


A2 Premium

420mm x 297mm (150 gsm Gloss Coated)

artwork and delivery charges will apply

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